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Keen Thinker

Prescription for the Thinker of our Time....

Ursula Sabisch, Brandenbaumer Landstraße 177, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

To all

Keen Thinkers in the Matter and Commission


Germany,  Luebeck, 2012



The German-language document you find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sir or Madam,

Since the matter has already set the ball rolling, I would like to give once more some tips to those people, who will possibly deal seriously with the occurrences of the Colossal-Area and to those ones, who have to deal with it.

Prescription and uses for the matter and the commission for the "keen" thinker worldwide:

If you must think or will think as a „keen person“ too far, then try to stop or to interrupt please, your thoughts more often. This is possible, on the one hand, by the avocation of the everyday activity field in the job, where occasionally high circles of thoughts are permitted. Besides the bicycling is one of the best help by the direct uptake of oxygen and by the diversified surrounding on the other hand.

Farther listening to the music can cause a help to become free from the circles of thoughts. 

Also the possibility of a do it yourself indication belongs in these spectrum circular courses namely for example by H...L??? or other means, also for example an uptake of oxygen for the brain to be not pulled in the suction of the highest circles of thoughts and by this to would have been taken to hospital by a nervous breakdown.

Besides, it also acts about a "catch" from the Colossal-Area, from which one will be come out only hardly, if the nervous breakdown goes not swimmingly. You might be sure that I am able to find out the answer to unsettled questions if necessary and that I will piecewise accompany the keen people. That I only may do within my status.

Nevertheless, it cannot be handled, that some responsible keen people, (psychiatrist) who have overdosed other people by a form of treatment degrading with psychotropic, by which low motives had been superficial, can get away with it, that for this reason that people must be sent in certain schizophrenia spectrum circular courses, too!

Only the Colossal-Area can probably make this decision and nobody must think about therefore!

Ursula,* Empress

2016* My Person does hope that People of many different languages will also be able to understand the voice being sent back by my Colossal Area Manager or by the Management of Empress.

Document checked Sept. 29. 2019/  Jan. 24.2024*.