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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15. 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

World Population



Luebeck, 22 January 2024

That German-language document you may find here!

The lie and a cheap show is the daily bread of the great mass of humanity!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

My person  actually wanted to write a letter about an unique fairy tale, which of course could come true or be fulfilled not only for individuals, but for the great mass of humanity and thus for each individual.

Every person has his or her own ideas and individual wishes, also due to his or her respective life situation and partnership, which nevertheless have many similarities with other people.

But unfortunately, the daily life of mankind is characterised by fear and resentment towards strangers and those in need of help, in that everyone wants to keep their place and their standard of living at all costs and does not want to cut back, even if it means stopping at nothing!

Easy-to-see-through self-promotion and daily lies have become the daily bread of the population of many or even all countries in the world, whereby in truth almost every single person generally uses the opportunities, they have been given, completely wrongly or leaves them unused!

What has become really important for the individual today can already be clearly seen in the election programmes or election promises of individual parties in the USA or here in Germany.

Last but not least, the candidates in a presidential election can also be used to recognise what ideas the people currently have.

However, the world's problems will not become less, but will rather continue to increase, regardless of which party or which president or chancellor comes to power!

In this way, the real life for each individual will be lost or passed by if people do not finally start to realise the opportunities they have been given as talents in order to use these talents to turn the tide of history by making a one-off fairy tale come true for everyone!

It will no longer make much sense for the population to stand up and demonstratively take to the streets for the preservation of a so-called liberal democracy, because this so-called boundless freedom also brings with it the greatest dangers of all time and can very quickly turn into the opposite, namely into enslavement by an alien to the species husbandry. 

My person has been wondering for a long time why the sighting of UFOs is completely concealed by all political systems or by the Church.

My person should mention that during the lifetime of Pope John Paul II there was a sighting of UFOs, but as a native Pole he denied everything about it.

However, much of what my person could see and especially the published hour of the Pope's death suggests that the alleged rumour of a UFO sighting was more than just a rumour, but a lie from the Vatican.

The lie is known to be the devil's tool and will continue to play a very dirty game with special people, because the great masses sponsor and magnify this filth every day or hide behind the diabolical game!

But in doing so, the great mass of the devil's followers confuse the consequences especially according to the lived life of the individual in afterlife, even if these facts could probably be presented to the contrary.

As a result, the people concerned have long since missed a very concrete logic and a healthy ability to think is therefore no longer present, even if humanity can still make arrangements or cope with everyday life.

Especially in the United States of America, the reality is extremely suppressed in that some laws against the consent to abortion have been created by the Republican Party in office, but the current Democratic Party has partially abolished or wanted to abolish these laws.

Thus, in every state of the USA, different legislation has been created in this regard with regard to abortion or the killing of a developed human life in its most defenceless form by democracy, whereby abortion is not a human right and therefore there can be no legally binding laws in this regard!

And at this point, too, I am a little surprised that abortion was strictly prohibited in the state of Texas, for example, and is still strictly prohibited to this day.

Although the American, according to the Texan, is known for exceeding all limits of humanity, there is a strict ban on abortion in this state, with the risk that many Republicans will turn to the Democrats in the next election for this reason.

My person would very much wish that there could still be Christians in the world who will stand strong for God and his reign, but unfortunately a dangerous event in Texas will probably be the reason for the strict abortion ban, which many of the Texans could confirm, but will not confirm through the legitimised lie and acting.

The event will have occurred through several sightings of some UFOs in the state of Texas, because suddenly man was able to interpret the connections between the abortions and these UFOs. 

I wonder how this was possible? What matching symptoms, connections or behaviours could be observed? Who was able to make a clear and important statement and yet remained cowardly silent?

How did these UFOs behave and why was it possible to draw the right conclusion from the events in Texas?

Or did the Texans suddenly gain respect for the rule of God and life because they realised what was going on and therefore banned all abortion?

Or, to put it another way, who was able to take a mobile phone photo or film recording, or a film or photo recording in general, of one or more UFOs and pass it on to the authorities?

Of course, my person may be wrong about this, but should my person visit the USA in person one day, then it will become clear what has happened to people in general.

Cowardice and falsehood and dirty stupid acting all over the world, especially towards my person, must be tolerated and endured, whereby other people are denied help for their survival!

If my person could do as she wanted, then she would have this mendacious mess of filth hit with such force that the sparks will fly and many of these cowardly liars would see stars in the truest sense of the word!

My person will have the habit of lying broken or driven out of you or others, as the pathetic and selfish last generations who have no respect for anything at all!

Addendum to the translation on 27. 01.2024.

In this respect, however, this large part of humanity is ahead of the devil, because he is already beginning to get scared and fight back, but of course he cowardly remains hidden at every corner and at every end!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: It is time for the necessary and truthful converging information regarding the UFO sightings of the world population, including the people from the secret service, from NATO and from politics and church!