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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Catholic Parish

St ....  Community Centre

 44623 Herne


Luebeck, Sunday, 21 November 2004

Free English translation on 30 Octobr 2021.

Attention: No one else has to express himself in this way to a true clergyman. That remains exclusively the task of the called authorities. 

The German-language document you may find here!



Dear Reverend ..., Dear Clergy, Dear Sirs!

Today I again followed the service via radio and I would also like to briefly write to you regarding your sermon and ask you to pass this letter on to your fellow ministers as well. Among other things, you said that Jesus, God's Son, mingled with the filth, submitted to suffering and could not and would not help himself. The question of who can tackle the dirt today and who has jurisdiction over this dirt is a question I would like to put to your heart.

There is an essential difference between a saint and a mere mortal:

A saint cannot defend himself for his own sake and for the sake of others and strike back in kind, in this way he is quite clearly identifiable. So the question does arise as to which footsteps you have followed as true clergymen and which footsteps you want to follow. It should be mentioned here that in your true footsteps it should actually be difficult for you to bear * and suppress the daily filth caused by injustices and transgressions of the law in the world in order to get a grip on the inner anger and hardness about it. However, this is not how it is with you, for you see your task as seeking protection and security in prayer.

Only who is left then and who is meant to tackle the dirt in order to be able to defeat it, who?

Surely there must be people who have the abilities for this task and are meant for it!

It has become too late for you to get so worked up in a sermon, as, for example, the politician and Minister President E. Stoiber must now do in his address, because otherwise a heart attack or stroke would be pre-programmed for you*, but one single, content-wise clear, hard sentence with a clear undertone, that was missing again in your sermon, especially because many listeners could have been rebuked. 

Is that really too much to ask of you?

For the sake of the children, too, a clergyman should make it clear that God does not identify with dirt and that he also punishes a wrong, which is hardly possible for a good mate, the way God is sometimes classified.

Just yesterday I saw Mr. Stoiber on TV at a party conference, talking about a Christian-based Germany and more national consciousness. He also called for more real labour from the German people for the German economy. It is true that Christianity always has something to do with work and creativity, so his concept fits well. Here was a person who put his heart and soul into his task in order to be able to accomplish it. However, the media showed him with a background photo in the news like a totally enervated and mangled politician.

This will be the answer for Mr Stoiber's efforts in this form, as the dirt has spread everywhere, especially in the media, and a real politician who wants to grab the roots of the evil* by the scruff of the neck and will not be found on every street corner, will be physically broken in this way.

Even Mrs Stoiber had the stress and the work done by her husband written all over her face.

Unfortunately, I therefore fear that Mr. E. Stoiber would no longer be able to cope with the corresponding task that may be given to him for health reasons. Since you and others have kept this stress at bay, I would now urge you to contact your bishop in this regard, so that he can sit down with the responsible Bavarian bishop to ensure that Mr Stoiber and a few more from the world of politics come in good health to the round table that King Juergen should chair.

The prerequisite for this is that King Juergen and Emperor Diethard will officially* assume the respective office, but not* in the form that my person has already done for years, otherwise any further work and effort can be saved, because all the fun had long since come to an end, for which you and others were and are not entirely blameless!  Please read the attached letter from 2003 and request* further letters from Luebeck in order to be properly informed!

                                                  P. p. Empress                                                  


* Addition for better comprehensibility.* 30 October 2021